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Answer: The term – “ECG” means “EXAM360 Consumer Grievance” portal. It is a centralized EXAM360 consumer grievance platform. This is basically a complaint resolution platform from where users / customers will raise a complain or provide feedback / suggestions or resolve any issue regarding EXAM360 product purchase. Through this portal EXAM360 team will monitor the problems faced by users. From this unified digital platform customer support executives to nodal officers or other higher officials will get informed and get connected and resolve customers’ issues in priority. However, the portal will not entertain any complaints if purchased from third party market place platforms/ websites other than EXAM360.
Answer: It is our recommendation to use the Internal Complaint (Using Registered Account) only after making multiple attempts (recommended at least 4/5 times) to seek resolution through the Quick Enquiry (For Call Back) option till you get the proper resolution or until you are satisfied.
Answer: Quick Enquiry is the first step in our redress process. Users can raise a complaint by providing details about their issue without account registration. We also encourage users to request a callback option, which is the primary method for swift resolution. While registering any complaint through Quick Enquiry (quick call back) it is recommended to use the email address and phone number at the time of placing the order (which should match with the order detail page).
Answer: This is the first step of complaint registration for any types of issues. It is our recommendation to use the Quick Enquiry (For Call Back) until you get proper resolution through the Quick Enquiry (For Call Back). It is recommended to use Quick Enquiry before placing Internal Complaint to solidify your case. If you did not get proper resolution at the first attempt you must try more than once to get desired resolution (at least 4/5 times). If you have already lodged one complaint you must wait for 0-72 hours to get first resolution, during the meantime you are not allowed to raise another complaint until your active complaint is resolved.
Answer: For complaints reported through Quick Enquiry (For Call Back), please allow the officials to resolve the matter within 0 to 72 hours (excluding holidays and natural calamities). However, you can expect resolution within 0-24 hours. But sometimes it may delay depend upon volume of complaints.
Answer: If you submit a complaint through the Internal Complaint (Using Registered Account), we encourage you to wait for a period of 0 to 30 days (excluding holidays and natural calamities) to receive a response and resolution. However, you can expect resolution within 0-7 days. But sometimes it may delay depend upon volume of complaints.
Answer: To access the status of your complaint, please provide your unique complaint number and the registered email address you used during your complaint registration. This will allow us to retrieve your latest complaint status. Though this status is not detail-oriented, if you want to check the entire detail of your lodged complaint you should follow-up your e-mails (for Quick Enquiry and Internal Complaints) or you can login through dashboard (for Internal Complaint).
Answer: Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible support to resolve your issues efficiently.
Answer: If you have additional questions or require further assistance, please reach out to our customer support portal/ ECG portal - through the contact information provided on our platform. We are here to help you. You are not allowed to directly contact any officials but you always have to go for written complaint via ECG portal for recorded purpose which will help us to monitor the complaint history by higher officials.
Answer: The Redress Process Flow at EXAM360 is a Roadmap; which will help users to understand step by step process to lodge complaints they may encounter while using our services. With the help of flow chart, you can be able to understand how our system works in each step.
Answer: The Complaint Status page allows you to check the status of complaints submitted through Quick Enquiry (For Call Back) or Internal Complaint (Using Registered Account). You can access it through home page dropdowns menu options.
Answer: Yes, we recommend being patient and waiting for 0-72 hours after raising a complaint through Quick Enquiry. Raising multiple complaints within this time frame for same order Id or for same issues may result in account flags or spam considerations. This time limit may vary due to unforeseen events, natural calamities, public holidays or conditions outside our control.
Answer: If your issue persists after using Quick Enquiry, you can register and raise a complaint through our Internal Complaint (Using Registered Account) process. This involves creating an account, logging in, and lodging your complaint. Please allow 0-30 days for a response.
Answer: Yes, you can reopen a complaint until a complete resolution is achieved. Our Exam360 team will work to address your issues or your satisfaction, and we kindly ask for your patience until the specified time limit is reached.
Answer: We encourage you to share your feedback with us in google rating and in our official android app. Your insights are valuable in helping us improve our services continually and motivate us to assist you further in future.
Answer: At EXAM360, we are committed to providing a seamless experience, and our redress process is designed with your satisfaction in mind. Our team is here to assist you at every step of the way until the issue is resolved or the customers’ satisfied.
Answer: The Complaint Reminder service at EXAM360 is a feature designed for users who have previously raised a complaint through our Internal Complaint (Using Registered Account) process and have not received a response within the stipulated time limit of 0-30 days. We do not recommend users to misuse this feature which may result termination of the feature from your account.
Answer: To use the Complaint Reminder service, enter your unique Complaint ID (consisting of numbers only) and the registered email address associated with your ECG account into the provided box. Once you enter the correct information you will get an option of remainder button through which you can send a complaint remainder to our officials.
Answer: The Complaint Reminder service is designed to provide a quick and convenient way for users to check the current status of their complaints if he / she has not received any response within the stipulated time frame. It helps users avoid unnecessary delays in resolving their issues by ensuring timely responses.
Answer: At EXAM360, we understand the importance of timely resolutions for our users. The Complaint Reminder service is here to expedite the resolution process and ensure that user concerns are addressed promptly.
Answer: If your complaint has not received a response within the expected timeframe, we encourage you to use the Complaint Reminder service to stay informed and expedite the resolution process. But sometimes in certain cases it may delay, so we request you not to misuse the remainder button several times as it may get delayed depending upon the case complexities.
Answer: At EXAM360, we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all our users. Your satisfaction is our priority, and the Complaint Reminder service is one of the ways we prioritize timely issue resolution.
Answer: The Nodal Officer at EXAM360 is dedicated member of “Grievance Redressal Cell” to resolving persistent issues that users may encounter. They guarantee an ultimate resolution for complex problems as well which were not resolved by customer support executives or other executives.
Answer: You should consider reaching out to the Nodal Officer only after exhausting both the Quick Enquiry (For Call Back) and Internal Complaint (Using Registered Account) processes multiple times, and if your issue still persists. Our ECG portal is already Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated, which automatically detects the consumer grievances. If any complaint Id repeatedly remain unresolved the consumer will get an option automatically by Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to forward the complain to higher authority or nodal officer.
Answer: No. You cannot directly contact to our nodal officer or higher authority. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already integrated in this website to determine complexities of the case and automatically allows you to reach the higher authority / nodal officer. It's essential to complete both the Quick Enquiry (For Call Back) and Internal Complaint (Using Registered Account) procedures before contacting the Nodal Officer.
Answer: You can reach out to the Nodal Officer via email for exceptional cases. When contacting them, make sure to include necessary evidence to support your case. This should include your complaint number, the date and time you raised the complaint through the Quick Enquiry (For Call Back) and Internal Complaint (Using Registered Account) process, and information about the last resolution provided. You are requested to raise complain through these two procedures sufficient number of times and in extreme case you may contact the officer directly.
Answer: The Nodal Officer is committed to addressing your concerns promptly and ensuring that your experience with EXAM360 is as smooth as possible by following the terms and conditions. They work towards a swift and satisfactory resolution of complex issues.
Answer: Following the recommended process and providing accurate information is crucial for the Nodal Officer to fully understand your situation and work effectively toward a resolution that meets your satisfaction and meets the terms and conditions.
Answer: At EXAM360, user satisfaction is a top priority, and the Nodal Officer is here to leave no stone unturned in providing users with the resolution they deserve as per the terms and conditions. Your cooperation in following the outlined procedures is highly appreciated to achieve the best possible outcome.
Answer: The EXAM360 Community Page is a platform where users can actively contribute to enhancing our platform by sharing feedback, suggestions, and ideas. It is not a platform for raising complaints or seeking immediate resolutions. This feature is completely designed for betterment for future use.
Answer: The purpose of the EXAM360 Community Page is to harness the collective insights and suggestions of users to improve our platform. It serves as a space for users to share constructive feedback and innovative ideas.
Answer: There are several ways to contribute: o Share Your Suggestions: Voice your ideas on how we can enhance our system and our working process. o Provide Feedback: Share your recent experiences with EXAM360, whether positive or constructive. o Collaborate with Us: Engage with our dedicated technical team, who closely monitor the community page and actively work on implementing valuable suggestions.
Answer: There is no boundation in submitting suggestions and feedbacks. We encourage you to share feedbacks / suggestions on you own wish which is related to EXAM360 improvisation. We welcome constructive feedback and innovative suggestions from our valued users. You can share your thoughts on how to improve our platform and where enhancements can be made.
Answer: Our technical team closely monitors the community page and actively engages with the feedback and suggestions provided by users. This input is instrumental in our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible user experience.
Answer: Your input is essential in making EXAM360 even better. By sharing your suggestions, thoughts, and ideas, you become a valuable part of our community and help us create a more intuitive and efficient portal for all users.
Answer: No. There is no specific format or process for sharing feedback and suggestions. Users are encouraged to express their ideas and experiences in a clear and constructive manner in an understandable manner so that our technical team will understand your comment to improve the platform.
Answer: You can visit the community page as often as you like to share your input, suggestions, and feedback. Your continued engagement is highly appreciated and contributes to our platform's improvement.
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