Welcome to the Nodal Officer's dedicated support page at EXAM360® (INDIA), where we guarantee an ultimate resolution for your persistent issues. If you've already exhausted the Quick Enquiry (For Callback) and Internal Complaint (Using Registered Account) processes multiple times and your problem still lingers, the Nodal Officer is here to assist you.


It's essential to follow a specific procedure to reach the Nodal Officer effectively. We kindly request that you complete both the Quick Enquiry (For Call Back) and Internal Complaint (Using Registered Account) procedures before considering the Nodal Officer as your next point of contact. If you skip these steps and reach out directly, your complaint may be treated as null, and we won't be able to assist you efficiently.


When you do reach out to the Nodal Officer using this Platform, please ensure you have the necessary evidence to support your case. Include essential details such as your complaint number, the date and time you raised the complaint through the Internal Complaint (Using Registered Account) process, and information about the last resolution provided. This evidence is crucial for the Nodal Officer to understand your situation fully and work towards a swift and satisfactory resolution.


Our Nodal Officer is committed to addressing your concerns promptly and ensuring that your experience with EXAM360 is as smooth as possible. By following the recommended process and providing accurate information, you will greatly assist us in resolving your issue to your satisfaction.


Before lodging any complaint with the Nodal Authority/Officer, you must have sufficient evidence to prove that the Customer Support Team via Quick Enquiry Complaint or Internal Complaint Using Login (Sr. Executive Team) is unable to provide proper and satisfactory resolutions. Only in that scenario you are eligible to forward your complaint to the Nodal Officer. The system is designed in such a way as to eliminate any type of spamming.


It sounds like you're trying to escalate your complaint to a higher authority, such as a Nodal Authority. Here's a breakdown of the process based on the below details:

1. **Quick Enquiry Complaints**: These seem to be initial complaints raised by customers or clients. Before escalating an issue, the individual must have raised a certain number of these quick enquiries, perhaps to ensure that the issue is genuine and to give the support team an opportunity to resolve it.

2. **Internal Complaints (Using Users Account Registration)**: These may be more formal complaints raised within the organization itself. Again, a minimum number of internal complaints must be lodged before escalating the issue further.

3. **Eligibility Criteria**: To be eligible to forward complaints to the Nodal Authority, one must meet certain criteria, such as having raised a minimum number of quick enquiry complaints and internal complaints within a specific timeframe.

4. **Customer Support Team**: If someone is not yet eligible to escalate their complaints to the Nodal Authority, they are directed to the customer support team for assistance. The expectation is that the dedicated support team will work to resolve the issues before further escalation is necessary.

This process seems designed to ensure that complaints are handled efficiently and effectively at various stages, with escalation to higher authorities reserved for cases where initial attempts at resolution have been unsuccessful.


Eligibility Checking Guidelines:
1. You must raise a minimum of 5 Quick Enquiry Complaints and 2 Internal Complaints for the same/specific Order IDs within a timeline.
2. Once you have filled in these details, our AI System will validate whether you are currently eligible to contact the Nodal Authority or not:
☞ If you are not eligible, in that case, you need to fulfill the above-mentioned criteria carefully.
☞ If You are elible, You can raise the complaint to Nodal Authority. Once your complaint is lodged with the Nodal Authority, it will be resolved within 7 to 30 Business days (Excluding Holidays) from the date of complaint lodgment with the Nodal Authority.


At EXAM360, your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and the Nodal Officer is here to ensure that no stone is left unturned in providing you with the resolution you deserve. We appreciate your cooperation in the outlined procedures to achieve the best possible outcome.

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