Retailer's Corner | Partner with EXAM360

Retailers Corner | Partner with EXAM360: provides a lucrative opportunity for retailers and shopkeepers to enhance their business prospects by partnering with EXAM360. This initiative empowers retailers to tap into new markets, both online and offline, by leveraging EXAM360's logistics infrastructure and expansive customer base. Here's a comprehensive overview of the benefits and process involved:


**Benefits for Retailers:**

1. **Access to Diverse Markets:** By partnering with EXAM360, retailers can access a diverse array of markets, including online and offline channels. This enables retailers to expand their reach and penetrate new customer segments, thereby driving business growth and increasing revenue streams.

2. **Streamlined Fulfillment:** EXAM360 takes on the burden of order fulfillment, ensuring that products are delivered to end customers reliably and efficiently. Retailers can leverage EXAM360's logistics expertise and infrastructure to streamline their operations and focus on core business activities.

3. **Financial Support:** EXAM360 offers upfront funding of up to 40% of the total billings when stocks reach the Fulfillment Centre, enabling retailers to manage cash flow effectively and reinvest in their business. The remaining amount is disbursed to retailers' bank accounts within T+2 business days after successful sales.

4. **Market Penetration:** Through EXAM360's extensive customer base and marketing efforts, retailers can penetrate new markets and reach a wider audience. This allows retailers to capitalize on EXAM360's established presence and leverage its brand equity to drive sales and increase market share.

5. **Simplified Returns Management:** EXAM360 takes care of the customer return and replacement process, relieving retailers of the burden of managing returns and exchanges. This ensures a hassle-free experience for retailers and enhances customer satisfaction.


**Process Overview:**

1. **Application Submission:** Retailers interested in becoming suppliers to EXAM360 can submit their applications through the "Retailers Corner: Become Our Supplier" portal. The application captures essential details about the retailer, including contact information, product offerings, sourcing arrangements, and inventory levels.

2. **Evaluation and Approval:** EXAM360 evaluates each application based on predefined criteria, including product quality, reliability of the retailer, compatibility with EXAM360's marketplace, and alignment with EXAM360's values and objectives. Upon approval, EXAM360 notifies the retailer and proceeds with the partnership process.

3. **Agreement and Onboarding:** EXAM360 and the retailer negotiate terms of partnership, including pricing, service levels, logistics arrangements, and financial terms. Once mutually acceptable terms are reached, a formal agreement is drafted and signed. EXAM360 facilitates the onboarding process, providing necessary training and guidance to ensure a smooth transition.

4. **Product Transfer:** Retailers transfer their products to EXAM360's Fulfillment Centre, where they are received, inventoried, and prepared for distribution. EXAM360's advanced inventory management systems ensure accurate tracking and efficient handling of products.

5. **Order Fulfillment:** When customer orders are received, EXAM360 processes them promptly and ships the products directly to end customers. Retailers can track the inventory levels in real time through EXAM360's online portal or via Contacting the Sales Team, ensuring visibility and transparency throughout the fulfillment process.

6. **Financial Support and Payment:** Upon reaching the Fulfillment Centre, retailers receive upfront funding of up to 30% of the total billings. After successful sales, EXAM360 disburses the remaining amount to the retailer's bank account within T+2 business days. This transparent payment process ensures timely and efficient financial transactions.

In conclusion, "Retailers Corner: Become Our Supplier" offers retailers a strategic opportunity to expand their business and reach new customers through collaboration with EXAM360. By leveraging EXAM360's logistics infrastructure, extensive customer base, and marketing efforts, retailers can achieve growth both online and offline. With upfront funding, streamlined fulfillment, and simplified returns management, EXAM360 facilitates seamless partnerships that drive mutual success for retailers and the marketplace.

Onboard to the Dashboard


1. Fill Your Details via Application Form: Provide the required information in the provided application form.

2. Evaluation by Business Development Team: Our dedicated Business Development Team will review your application request. If any additional information is needed, they may contact you for clarification.

3. Forwarding to Management for Approval: Once your application request meets the necessary criteria and requirements, the Business Development Team will forward it to the Management for approval.

4. Management Approval: Upon approval by Management, you will receive access to the dashboard or panel.

5. Access and Utilization: With access to the dashboard, you will be able to work promptly and efficiently using the provided tools and features.

Following these steps will ensure a smooth onboarding process to the dashboard, enabling you to utilize its functionalities effectively.



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